Page 2 - Sandesh To Soldiers Final March 1 Updated
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                                                   1             INITIATION OF  THE CAMPAIGN

                                                                 Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sending His Best Wishes to the Soldiers

                                                   2             POPULAR PARTRICIPATION

                                                                 Nation Paying Homage to the Brave Heroes of India

                                                   3             WIDESPREAD SUPPORT FROM LUMINARIES

                                                                 Eminent Personalities Sending their Best Wishes

                                                   4             PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVES CONTRIBUTING TO THE MOVEMENT

                                                                 Messages of Solidarity from the Public Leaders

                                                   5             MESSAGES RECEIVED ON NARENDRA MODI APP

                                                                 Some Heartfelt Messages from the Citizens

                                                   6             MESSAGES FROM MyGov

                                                                 Thanksgiving to the Courageous Armed Forces

                                                   7             DD BROADCASTS AND MESSAGES

                                                                 Let’s Listen to the Voice of India for our Soldiers

                                                   8             MESSAGES FROM ALL INDIA RADIO

                                                                 When greetings & postcards to Soldiers Poured in From Across the Nation
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